1. One should take one T-shirt, be it an XL size, be it for man or be it 3 LEI from a second hand shop.

  2. One should read the Spring issue of  All Hollow Magazine. Cover to cover.

  3. One should identify Ioana Casapu‘s article. One shall like it.  Like a lot.

  4. One should pick a quote that deserves to be Se alege un citat demn de pus pe tricou, dintre zecile de citate demne de a fi put on the T-shirt from all the quotes that deserve to be put on a T-shirt.

  5. One should buy textile paint (preferably from Pebeo) and some brushes.

  6. One should paint and paint and whatever the T-shirt.

  7. Before the final result, one should leave the Tshirt unattended and one’s mother should accidently wash it before the paint is fixed by ironing.

  8. One should be shocked to see the T-shirt nearly destroyed, looking all worn and stuff.

  9. One should over-wear the T-shirt, day and night, in public preferably.

  10. One shall apply the quote on he T-shirt as much as possible.







 PH: Ciolan Cătălina

Yours truly, Julls ♥

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