A new journey awaits me. As much as I liked working on my previous blog , I felt there was something missing. The good ol’ outfit posts lost their appeal, I felt overwhelmed by having to update my Dear Diary entries and the quality of my articles no longer brought me any joy. I promissed to myself from the beginning not to blog unless it is 100% pure passion, so that seemed to be the perfect moment to pack my bags and leave.

But, right when I sat down to write my farewell article, I realized that it can’t end like this.  It wasn’t the end of my journey, it was only a crossroad. (yeah, I am all poetic now and shit!). So I embraced the challange, I gathered around me a handful of talented and creative people and I spent days working on this new platform which I am finally launching now. I am ready for a new adventure. Hope you’ll hop in the bandwagon too!



And now, let’s get shit done and talk about the outfit. Isn’t it what we are all here for anyway?! Well, I wore this on my way back home from Bucharest, a few days ago,  when I was tired enough not to care too much  about the way I looked. I went for this t-shirt / dress / pyjama / whatever because it seemed the perfect outfit for a 10+ hours journey. I hope you all have this kind of items in your closets – if not, go and buy or steal some! (Ok, let’s just stick to buying.) A one-piece like this can save your life one day. Especially if you are traveling with CFR.




PH: Andra Brudan

Yours truly, Julls ♥

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13 thoughts on “OUTFIT // JUST ENJOY THE RIDE

  1. I love this article! Check out my blog? I just started and it would mean so much to me xx followed btw

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