manrepelle FINAL COLORr

I guess we all have our gulity reading pleasures, don’t we? Well, mine is The Man Repeller, undoubtly. Leandra Medine, the mastermind behind this humorous website, is one of those people you’d die to meet in real life – not because she’s famous or of an out-of-this-world beauty but because you know you’ll have a blast hanging out with her.

Leandra came up with the idea of MR during a trip to Topshop when she realized that the reason why she couldn’t have a long-lasting relationship is because of her outfits. Acid washed harem pants, huge shoulder pads, overalls, you name it. But ever since then, she embraced this “women love it, man hate it” style. She explained the concept of MR for Daily Mail as follows: “Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. And that is fantastic.” I couldn’t agree more.

And this is why I chose her to be the first to open the X-FILES posts. Here, me and Cătălina we’ll present you some of our favourite style icons who are 100% authentic and inspiring. But until the next post, we are leaving you with a sneak-peak into Leandra Medine’s universe. Enjoy it – hopefully, as much as we do!


Illustration & design by Cătălina Ciolan. You can follow her work on INSTAGRAM!


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