INSPIRATION // Irina Munteanu’s ♥ skipped a beat


I don’t even know what I liked more about Irina when we first became pen pals: her personality (?) or her photographs  (which I secretly like to call visual whispers (?). Only in time I realized that these two are inseparable. Irina’s work is an extension of her mind, desires, relationships and peculiarities. She explores the quotidian, the mundane affairs like no other, paying a great deal of attention to the details. You know what they say, that devil is in the details but I see no evil in the white and crumpled bed sheets, in the deep blue see and neither in the delicate touch of two hands, which in my head is one intimate reinterpretation of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam.

She explores her talent in such a wonderful manner even though she is only 18. But by now, she managed to make a name of her own, or at least, I think she did. She got featured in LOVE ISSUE MAGAZINE #8, you also find her on SUB25’s selection of 7+7 photographers under 25 and Posi+tive Magazine was so impressed that she was asked to answer their interview. I can only tell that we will hear more about this darling. You can find love her here: Facebook  // Flickr // Tumblr.









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