Hello again! Don’t worry, I won’t bombard you with Turkyie-related posts, in fact, this is my second and last one. I just want to clarify a situation. While travelling, I always pack a bunch of stuff and I don’t really get to wear most of them. Is not that I don’t have the opportunity or time, but there is a feeling of je m’en fiche (en: I don’t care) that always occurs after the first 4-5 days.

Does this also happen to you when you travel for more than one week? And how do you cope with it? I usually just go with the flow: I stop wearing makeup everyday (like, at all), I put on the same T-shirt once every two days and I go to breakfast (or lunch) in my pyjamas. I don’t know how socially acceptable that is and I don’t really care.

I came up with one conclusion so far: while travelling, I get out of my comfort zone so much that somehow I stop caring if I don’t look blog-appropriate all the time. It is a time of discovery and exploration within and without and clothes are put at the end of the queue. Do you also do this? Please, say yes.







I started this topic because of one very obvious reason – during the 2 weeks in Turkiye, I ended up wearing this H&M skirt-dress more than I’ve ever planned. Why? Because it is so comfortable, non-colors FTW, quite versatile and perfect for 30 degrees Celsius  & hardcore humidity. Although, I have to promise you one thing: I am not going to take it to my next trip which will start in a week or so because otherwise, this blog will change from a super-glamourous-high-fashion-blog into how-to-wear-the-same-piece-everyday-one. And you woudn’t want that, right?





My, I am talking so much lately… But I can’t leave without telling you something about these places you saw in the photographs above. The first set is taken at Sumela Monastery (read more about it here) and the second one at Ayasofia Museum in Trabzon (here, Wiki-lovers). Glad to have visited such pretty places in Turkyie! That’s all for today, folks, hope I didn’t bore you too much! xx


9 thoughts on “OUTFIT // DILEMMA

  1. That happens to me too lately – the lack of make-up & wearing the same things over and over. This is a pretty & versatile dress, so I can understand why you wouldn’t stop wearing it :)

  2. Oh anyway who cares! I often pack too many things when going to trips and end up wearing half of them for the same reason..comfort. Or..when the weather decides to shift. Anyway… the pictures are sooo lovely I just love the little town or citadel below and in those ruins! Amaaaazing O.O

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