Hello dear readers! I know I usually start these posts by apologizing for the long absence and other bla blas but this time I won’t & I have one damn good reason. When I started this blog I knew I wanted it to be a place where I can write and post whatever I want and most important, whenever I want. So this time I went with the flow , took a break from the whole social media persona and simply enjoyed a weekend away from all responsabilities. (in fact, I was so relaxed that I missed my train back home :)) ).

But don’t worry – I had enough time to think about everything but now I am back! I shall start posting more regularly, more outfit posts, more inspiration and some other extra surprises. Brace yourself, I am back!

PS: Of course, before this I-will-conquer-the-world/ the-bitch-is-back moment, I still have to share with you some photos from my weekend. Sibiu is such a beautiful and inspiring city and there is nothing better than being there with two of my most amazing and talented friends (girls, if you are reading this, you already know how lucky I am to have you!). I hope these photos can make you feel the vibe of the city at the beginning of autumn. Love, love xx


There is not much to say about my outfit, as you can see. A pair of jeans and a white T-shirt is, in my opinion, the best traveling kit one can ever put together for a weekend away. I felt really comfortable and that’s the most important, right?

DSC_0654DSC_0555DSC_0647DSC_0650P.S.S.: You can follow my Tumblr account here for more photos from my trips! See you x


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