I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me!

Mabye I should always start my outfit posts with some uber-known lyrics and make it my “thing”. Or mabye not. Actually, all I have to say in this post is that I bought this pair of boyfriend jeans for 1 LEU and I want to wear them every-single-day. Mom hates them. My sister hates them. Dad, guess what, hates them too!  But I don’t careeee, I looove it (ok, this is from another song). I told them the same excuse so they would leave me alone: I’m going through a phase . And now I really have to go. Bye! xx






DSC_0918PH: Dan Cristian Gocan



9 thoughts on “OUTFIT // HEY BOY

  1. Stiu sentimentul de “urasc-piesa-aia-vestimentara”! Am avut si eu o jacheta din blugi (cred ca avea mai bine de cinci ani) pe care mama o ura. Nu suporta sa ma vada purtand-o. Guess what? Am pierdut-o intr-un taxi. Nu iti inchipui ce happy was my mom that day! :)))

    P.S.: Chiar daca toata lumea iti uraste blugii, vreau sa iti spun ca i-ai combinant intr-un mod ge-ni-al! :D

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