OUTFIT // Rynek Główny, why are you so pretty?


Greetings from Krakow, darlings! It feels so good being back in one of the most beautiful cities my eyes have ever seen. Yesterday we visited the center of the Old Town and we definitely got the feeling of a  great cultural capital (did you know that Krakow was actually the capital of Poland until 1596?). We wandered the streets mesemrized by the impressive architecture, searching for small & intimate cafes and restaurants and we enjoyed the violonists playing their wonderful tunes at almost every corner.

For this “occasion”, I adopted again the Gavroche look, mostly because of the weather. I also don’t like to feel like a tourists when being in a holiday, you know, the whole backpack thing and trainers – I’d rather go for the undercovred tourist look. Are you with me?

So, as much as I would enjoy writing more here, I gotta go and discover the Wawel Castle. I’ll be back tomorrow with another post. Pleace & love, everybody!








5 thoughts on “OUTFIT // Rynek Główny, why are you so pretty?

  1. I kneewww the first image was way too familiar to me! I’ve been there many years ago and I remember how amazing it was to be in that huge square and walk around the place.. it is beautiful indeed. And Wawel castle..oh yes, a jewel!

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