If our choices define us, what does my pony clutch say about me?? (please don’t answer unless it’s a good thing).

The truth is, when the guys at choies.com invited me to choose some items from their website, my first instinct was to go for the “big guys”: a coat or a pair of boots – something that could scream “I got this for free and it’s awesome, suckeeers”. But then I had a petite epiphany, I deleted my entire wishlist and went  in search of fun accesories that could cheer up any dull outfit.

And this is how I met him.  And this is how I placed the order. And this is how we will live together happily ever after. (And this is how I sound like a crazy woman with a below average level of English and whose only real relationship is with her cats. Ponies, in my case. Unicorns, actually – but pony sounds better. ) You get the point, don’t you?



And of course, there should be an explanation for the photos below. Well, you know dad, he’s always Little Mister Helpful, trying to help me improve my blog. Even though that can mean at times, making a fool himself in front of a restaurant.  Oh well…family!


PS: If you want your own pony, you can order it here! Thank you choies.com :)


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