Hello guys! Let me introduce you to my new favourite t-shirt from my closet. It is a present from one of my dearest friends who designed it at the beginning of this autumn but I couldn’t show it to you until the other part of our trio received hers.

My friend came up with the idea after our roadtrip to Maramures this summer, when we were talking about the mentality of people living in the rural areas and how affected they are by other people’s opinions. As I spent almost all my holidays in my grandparents’ village, I couldn’t help noticing how often this phrase came up: “Da’ ce-o zice lumea?” (What would people say?). Too bad, as I think that caring about what other people has to say about someone should be the least of our worries.  But anyway, now I have my T-shirt so I don’t have to think about it anymore. Thank you, Ioana!DSC_3236DSC_3224DSC_3231DSC_3251DSC_3238

Ok, now let’s talk business. Finally, I can announce you the winner of the Ruvix giveaway! I want to thank everyone who joined in & I am sorry I don’t have t-shirts for all of you! The winner – the one who will get to choose a Ruvix T-shirt from the F*ck Fashion collection -is…


Silviana Cîmpian! Congrats! Please send me an e-mail at contact@lajoliejulie.com so I can tell you more about the prize.

Until next time, take care! xx

PH: Mircea Petruțiu



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