CIAO! Crossing out things from my 2013 resolutions list is one of my favourite things to do. I knew I wanted to have a memorable birthday – I’ve turned 20 on Saturday – so  I booked some plane tickets to Milan to spend a few days with my best friends. Yes, that is my idea of fun – not getting hardcordly drunk and forgetting everything that happend at my birthday party. I’ve had a wonderful time, relaxing as much as I could, meeting cool people, still partying a bit and visiting the city. I’ll tell you more in another post, now I simply want to share with you one of my outfits – I really missed doing that :).

Milan is one of the 4 fashion capitals in the world, so I couldn’t simply go in UGGs and winter jacket. This city breathes fashion though all its pores, and that can be noticed easily everywhere: in the trams, in Brera and of course, in Via Monte Napolene, Milan’s most fashionable shopping street. I wore  my mom’s vintage pink coat, my most confortable boots and my new bag received as a birthday present from my beloved ones.

What do you think? Did I blend in ?

DSC_0140DSC_0178DSC_0194DSC_0172DSC_0185DSC_0186DSC_0171DSC_0221DSC_0236DSC_3720DSC_0262PH: Dan Cristian Gocan & Sion Agami


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