Hello, dear readers! Or better said, Hola! I have so many things to share with you, I don’t even know how shall I begin. A lot has changed since my last post – and they are all for the better.

To start with, together with my best friend/partner in crime, Cătălina, we launched our website, www.ide3a.ro and I am so proud and happy with how it works. Go and take a look  – I will explain more in a future post to tell you all about it.  Then, the next big change is the fact that I cut my hair shorter – I’ve never had it THIS short, but I love it and enjoy it every single moment.

And finally, I moved to MADRID! Remember when I told you about my Erasmus mobility? Well, I’ve been here since last Sunday and I am so freaking excited to be a student at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, to study more about television, script-writing & videomaking, to travel all around Spain and meet awesome new people, for the next 6 months. #iamblessed

So, I guess you understand why I abandoned the blog for a while. But now, I feel ready, more than ever, to make you part of my Spanish experience and to share with you whatever happens during the next half of year. Are you with me?

To begin with, I took some quick outfit photos while wandering the narrow streets of Tielmes, a small village in which we are living together with the nicest Romanian family until we move to our own flat in Madrid. I think Spain is one of the most friendly countries I’ve ever been to and I really enjoy discovering new places, small shops, old buildings and so on. I’ll be back with more stuff for you, but now I have to go to dinner. Besos y abrazosxx





DSC_4356PH: Cătălina Ciolan


6 thoughts on “OUTFIT // TO NEW BEGINNINGS

  1. Mult succes in aceasta experienta erasmus!:) Mi-ar placea sa am la fel de mult curaj ca tine. Asteptam noi postari.

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