carte de vizitaHello again! As promised yesterday, I shall introduce you our newest project (mine and Cătălina’s, together with our team). We launched our project called IDEA 3 ( on the 15th of December 2013, from a wish to meet and promote the most authentic people and creative minds from our city (and not only), when it comes to personal style and understanding fashion. We were lucky enough to gain the support of our professors and older colleagues, who guided and encouraged us. And from that moment on, we have invested all our energy and time into what you can now see on our website,


Let me talk to you more about our content. Firstly, as journalism students, we wanted to practice what we’ve learnt and to deliver high quality content in one of the most interactive and eye appealing mediums: video, that is. We created short video features on people that we admire and appreciate, who can confidently assume their choices in fashion and inspire others. You can see some of our interviews here, here and here.  (yes, they are in Romanian because we wanted to bring something to in our country, so that anyone can understand the message).


IMG_6535Then, together with out friends from Epic Studio, we explored the streets of Cluj-Napoca in search of nicely-dressed people, who either turn heads with their eccentric outfit or are simply condifent enough to make some surprising mix&matches.



IMG_0760And last but not least, here comes our probably favourite part: fashion films. Here we simply let our imagination flow, we create scenarious according to the clothes we want to promote and we gather people from every artistic field, such as stylists, designers, makeup artists, musicians and so on to help us put into practice what we have in our minds. And it’s been working quite well, I guess. Take a look here & here.

But that is not all folks. We will bring more original content pretty soon, in terms of interviews and we will expand our streetstyle network – so we can inspire you more! Hope you’ll like it and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube

PS: Yet again, I would like everyone who made it possible, whose names are on the Thank You list right here!


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