With a new place to live for the next five months and shit sorted out for my exam session back home, it’s time to take care of the blog again. I am thinking about introducing a new type of weekly post. As I know that good days don’t just happen – or at least, not that often – I thought about making my life (and yours) a bit easier by starting the week with an inspiring post. From now on, every Monday you shall find here photos from my Pintrest boards or obscure blogs and websites that I follow, photos that might give you just the right amount of inspiration to start the week with good vibes.

As NYFW is anything but subtle, I couldn’t avoid talking about it. So, my first Monday posts features some of my favourite street style photos from New York Fashion Week, which have already given me some ideas for the upcoming week’s outfits. I guess I still can’t get over the grey, the black and the colorful details. Enjoy!  (source:

nyfw-street-style-1_101620907714 nyfw-street-style-2-7_105448445630 nyfw-street-style-2-18_105440580532 nyfw-street-style-12_101621666381 nyfw-street-style-17_101623476583 nyfw-street-style-day-1-04_09570024228 nyfw-street-style-day-1-13_095706968600


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