I woke up like this: flawless. 

Ok, it wasn’t the case this specific morning as I overslept AGAIN and had to run to University since I haven’t learn how to translate into Spanish the universal excuse of “Sorry, I am late, my alarm clock didn’t ring this morning”. So I grabbed whatever Cătălina had in her closet – the perks of wearing the same size – than I added whatever I had in my closet and this is the result:DSC_4698DSC_4713DSC_4706DSC_4727Ok, here I was trying to pose for a close-up but well… it didn’t turn out that flawless.DSC_4721And that is me thinking of another pose, a more fashion-blog-like…DSC_4724And that is me again, gazing into he void, thinking it would look cooler to ignore the photographer…DSC_4722Anyhow, this post doesn’t really makes sense but here it is something that just MIGHT (but don’t get your hopes too high). I gave an interview for IQads, talking about the blog, personal projects and other stuff related to my highly-glamouros-life. 

Enjoy x

PH: Cătălina Ciolan



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