Hola, chicos! Today I have a sort of a special post as Cătălina’s featuring her outfit here :) Last Sunday we spend our whole afternoon at Madrid Fashion Week, at Espacio Cibeles, surrounded by the fashionable crowd of Spanish fashion-lovers. As we didn’t really know a bunch of people (except from the lovely Nadia from Hannah’s Heels) we thought about going  undercover. So we put our hats /beanies on, plus the sunglasses and we embarked on a new adventure. Here you go!








akalkssSo, what do you think about this post? Do you want to see more of Cătălina’s outfit on the blog? Let me know in the comment section below.


& BY THE WAY, as you’ve already spent at least 2 minutes on my blog and  are lucky enough to be doing this from your comfortable bed, you might as well take another five minutes of your life to actually DO something that means more to humanity than liking my blog.

People in Kiev are going through hell every single minute and I don’t think they care so much about who wore what at Milan Fashion Week… Therefore we, who afford the luxury of sitting in our homes reading fashion blogs and magazines, should stop doing that for at least five minutes and give them a hand. Share THIS  Youtube video on every social media platform that you use, donate  those 5 dollars (that you are going to spend on useless things anyway) to help people on Maidan get the medical care that they need & encourage your friends to do the same. You will have the time to catch up on the latest runway shows later, I can guarantee. 




  1. Printeso, ar trebui sa iti pui Facebook plugins pe aici! Ar fi mai usor pentru noi, cititorii sa iti dam like & share la postari. Sunteti doua faine! Imi plac amandoua outfiturile, insa calutul e mortal. Cred (as in sunt sigura) ca faceti furori pe-acolo. Te pup!

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