DSC_4953And the award for the most stupid-omg-i-didn’t-even-smile-how-could-you-write-something-that-bad  title goes to… THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I appreciate it ^^

Truth being told, how could you not think about Bubbles’ alter-ego heroine called Harmony Bunny (or, pour les connaisseurs born in ’93: ie-pu-ri-ca) when you see this hair piece? Cătă found it on sales in H&M and since then, we’ve been wearing it whenever we go out.  People in the metro do give us some strange looks but who cares when you have Gaga’s I was born his way lyrics as an excuse?

Oh, and as for the inspiration for this outfit I would say Tory Burch Fall 2014 meets Georgio Armani Fall 2014  meets Erasmus student budget meets thrift store clothing. Am I right? (…when in doubt, the answer should be: Of course you are right! It is your blog, so whatever you say has to be right!)

Ok, I feel like I’ve been blabla-ing long enough here, I’d better go back to watching that Powerpuff episode I kept on making references to. See ya xDSC_4947DSC_4957DSC_4948DSC_4945


PH: Cătălina Ciolan


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