I took this test the other day to find our which European country do I really belong in and I got… Belarus. They say that I love being surrounded by people and will happily open my home to stangers. Odd enough, they are quite right (even though I still don’t know what Belarus had to do with this). So, in the light of this, I spent last Sunday meeting with Nadia from Hannah’s Heels and Cătă, wandering around Salamandra district and obviously, taking photos for our blogs. I love it when I accidentally meet people with whom I can talk all day about our interests even though we have super-different backgrounds. Nadia even made a behind the scenes video that you can watch HERE!

As for the outfit, I got this T-shirt for 2 Euros at Pull&Bear and had to take it out for a walk. The glasses were also bought from H&M for *cough* 1 euro *cough* and I love how wicked they look. You’ll be seeing more of that soon! Till next time xx


PH: Hannah’s Heels


5 thoughts on “OUTFIT // WISHLIST

  1. Aww soo pretty!

    Im making the new one with your videos as well!! I will try to have it ready tomorrow! I need some music so you guys pick the one you want! :D

    Kiss lets do it again!!

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