Look at us. Nothing special at first sight, right? Just three girls taking a mirror selfie in a break at Uni. Well, the story goes a bit further than this.

The day I took this photo, we made an experiment. We were asked to do a presentation about online activism for our Communication and Participation of the Civil Society on the Internet. Long story short, we decided to talk about STYLELIKEU, which you should already know by now, it is my favourite online go-to-place for inspiration. What Elisa and Lily, the masterminds behind the website, do there is to promote self expression and authenticity by making video profiles of super-awesome people. Moreover, they also have a mind-blowing experiment called simply Second Skin.

So, what did we think about? Why shouldn’t we put ourselves in a super uncomfortable situation? Why shouldn’t we stay in front of about 40 students dressed in anything but our own skin? Why shouldn’t we change clothes for the day just to feel how would it be to have a second skin? Because we couldn’t find any good reason against this, we went all in.

Here we are! I wore Catalina’s clothes, she wore Milena’s and as you can see, Milena wore mine.

WP_20140325_004 WP_20140325_007

We felt indeed super uncomfortabe as I wore too many layers, Catalina felt that her dress was too transpartent to be suitable for a public presentation. Milena said that she liked a change of style, though the hat part was a new thing to experiement.

Jumping to the present moment, I still think it was an awesome thing to do. We realized how much our own clothes make us who we are and how can they affect our mood and attitude towards other people. We dare you to try this too! It might be an awkward day, but at the end of it, you’ll learn several things about yourself. Let me know how it went! xx

Check out Stylelikeu Facebook page and their Instagram account for more inspiration! :)

From now on, when you see that I have a # in the title of the article, it means that the post is part of an assignment for the Communication and Participation of Civil Society on the Internet class that I have here at Universidad Carlos III, with the wonderful professor Leila Nachawati Rego.


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